Dr. Ryan Thomas Dentistry

What To Expect During The COVID Pandemic

As we all have to work together to stop the spread of Covid-19, it is mandatory that all patients being treated in our practice acknowledge and comply with following protocols.  If you are a new patient, we will require you to acknowledge and sign a form regarding the 12 points outlined below, before we will book your first appointment.

  1. Pre-screening form MUST be completed (both accurately and honestly) at least two days prior to your appointment, and it is imperative that you inform us of any changes to your symptoms or risk factors for Covid-19. Patients who arrive for their scheduled appointment not having completed the pre-screening form will not be allowed to enter the practice, must reschedule their appointment, and will be charged the applicable late cancelation fee.
  2. All patients MUST phone our reception upon arrival and will be instructed on when to enter our facility. The main door to our facility will remain locked at all times.
  3. All patients MUST bring their own facial mask that covers both their mouth and nose with a good peripheral seal.  If for medical reasons you can not wear a mask, we will require a doctor’s verification, and will be offering limited appointment availability. *We remind our patients that the Nova Scotia Health Authority continues to require that all people wear a mask in public spaces regardless of vaccination status. 
  4. All patients MUST use hand sanitizer (according to instructions provided) prior to entering our practice. A sanitization center has been set up directly outside the main clinic entrance.
  5. All patients are required to wear shoe coverings provided upon entry to our clinic. In addition, please limit extra clothing worn to your appointment as much as possible (jackets, sweaters, hats, etc.)
  6. Please refrain from, or limit as much as possible, touching any surfaces in our clinic (doorknobs, coat racks, light switches, countertops, etc.)
  7. Please use the washroom prior to your appointment to limit the use of our washroom facility. The washroom will be available for emergencies but will have to be fully cleaned and sanitized following each use.
  8. We will limit the time patients spend in our waiting area and for this reason, we will immediately guide patients into the treatment opratory whenever possible. Social distancing greater than 6 feet will be established if you are required to sit in the waiting room.
  9. We ask that where possible, admin documentation be completed digitally/remotely prior to and following your appointments. A touchless payment system will be provided at the reception area.
  10. All patients will be required to rinse for 30 seconds with 1% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and expectorate back into the cup.
  11. Patients will be required to wear their mask at all times in our clinic with the only exception being during active dental/hygiene treatment.
  12. Please discard foot coverings in the appropriate receptacle and use hand sanitizer again upon leaving our facility.

All of the above protocols have been implemented to ensure the safety of our patients and team members and ultimately, our community and to stop the spread of Covid-19.

On behalf of us all at Dr. Ryan Thomas Dentistry, we ask for your patience as we continue to implement “The New Normal”. Please remember these newly established guidelines will be fluid and likely to change as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Thomas & Team