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Fix a bite issue, a spacing issue, a crowding issue, or go for generally straighter teeth.

Dr. Ryan Thomas

Our patients have been more than pleased with their Invisalign results.


Mike describes his teeth before treatment as “extremely crooked, with a large gap in the front.” Social situations would often cause anxiety so he learned to talk without opening his mouth, and smile without showing his teeth.

Invisalign played a huge role in Mike’s transformation, creating what he now calls a “perfect, straight, amazing smile.” No more anxiety, no more faking it, and best of all Mike says his new smile makes him truly happy!

“The minute I met Dr. Thomas I knew that my smile and my life were about to change. The team was incredible, the treatment was comfortable and painless and I couldn’t be happier with the results. People who know me continue to compliment my new smile and it feels great.”

Dr. Ryan Thomas

Dr. Ryan Thomas, BSc., DDS.

Originally from British Columbia, Dr. Thomas received his Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1999 from the University of Alberta where he received the Senior Student award as the top clinical student. He is a general practitioner with a particular interest in implant, reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry.  He completed post-graduate studies at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Thomas enjoys camping, biking, skiing, guitar, singing, Taekwon Do, and spending quality family time with wife Janice, son Caden and daughter Madden.

Transforming the smiles of patients from across Atlantic Canada in Fall River, Nova Scotia.

We’re known across Atlantic Canada for creating an environment that evokes comfort and peace of mind, and results that improve quality of life. That’s why many of our patients travel from out of province to transform their smiles with us.